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A fully active, modular and truly versatile audio system

The Odin Audio Systems line-array was developed in the Netherlands, by professionals and for professionals. Nevertheless, the needs of the less experienced users have been taken into account as well. The software controlled, user-definable built-in presets offer out-of-the-box possibilities and open the door for progression to a professional and customized level.

The enclosure was designed to achieve the best possible acoustic resonance in the low/mid and mid frequencies, resulting in an optimal sound dispersal, even at lower volume levels. Fully equipped with Celestion® speakers, Odin Audio Systems offers loads of character, great features and scalability at an unprecedented price level.

Now it is time to amaze your audience with powerful and detailed sound, whatever the venue may be!

Re-inventing the wheel? Well, no!

Re-defining a line-array audio system, which can be deployed in a broad range of venues by basic as well as advanced users, is just something else. A fresh approach in the old, dusty arena of audio-solutions for small to medium sized events, up to 2500 visitors.
Highest quality at an incredible price level!

Audio systems

Fully active Line-array system

9 factory presets

Configurable user preset

Celestion® speakers inside

Designed and engineered in the Netherlands

Odin S-18A Subwoofer

An active array element, delivering the low frequency sound waves at 1200 Watts RMS, complementing the T-8A satellites and adding to the true Odin character.

1500W Continuous Class D, 6000W Peak

18” (450mm) Celestion®, Ferrite Magnet Subwoofer

9 Fixed presets + 1 Editable preset

DSP Processor: 32 bit , 24bit/48kHz Audio conversion AD/DA

MAX SPL @ 1m: 136dB

18mm Birch Plywood, 1.5T Metal Grill, Water Resistant


EASE Focus 3

EASE Focus 3 is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modeling of line arrays, sub arrays, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers.

Thanks to the support from major loudspeaker manufacturers, EASE Focus 3 is free software for the end user. Based on AFMG’s leading simulation software EASE, this concept made it possible to implement a broad scope of features and functionality.

Configuration Examples



Line-array without subs

Line-array with subs


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It’s not just audio, it’s an experience

Visit the Odin listening days

When it comes to sound, you really have to hear it to believe it.

That is why we teamed up with Cultuurhuis Heerlen to offer a permanent ‘exhibition’ for the system. Now we can take you along to hear and test the Odin audio system; this in a great venue and without any limitations. Contact us for an appointment!

During spring, summer and autumn we also will arrange several ‘open-air’ listening sessions at Highlite International HQ in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. If you are interested to join, please let us know and we will keep you updated on upcoming events.

Make an appointment

array systems

Lease options

In the Benelux and Germany we also offer interesting lease options for the Odin Audio Systems.

Different system setups, including all accessories, can be yours at rates as low as Eur. 206,-/month .

Please contact our sales department at sales@highlite.nl or phone (+31 (0)45 5667701 for more information on the possibilities.

Consult our experts

Would you like to know more about the Odin Audio Systems ‘Character’? Or do you have any questions?

In order to set up an appointment with a Odin specialist, you can fill in the contact form. One of our advisors will contact you to schedule an appointment.

+31 (0)45 566 7701


Connect manual

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Editor manual

editor manual

Satellite manual

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Sub manual

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Latest software (3.1.7)

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